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After a degree in Architecture, Corentin “SPEAR” Binard (1988) traveled around the world and realized hundreds of murals in more than 20 countries. His murals can be found in Latin America, Africa, Asia and Europe.  His travels allowed him to be aware of different social realities, opened his eyes on the human condition around the world and made him questions our lifestyle and values. His work is his way to share his thoughts and interrogations on today's society. Always steeped in a social message, spear's paintings put mankind back as emotional beings in the center of a society which has a tendency to loose human values. 

Spear is fascinated by old masters, their techniques and the incredible power of narration in their paintings. But he is also very inspired by contemporaneous artists. His work is a transition from an academic formation into a contemporary representation, passing from a controlled realism to a more spontaneous and deconstructed painting.



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